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Hello:I hope you find this article as interesting to read as I found to write it.IntroductionThis article will cover some of the advances of the Xbox360 console over the previous model, the Xbox. As many people know a gaming console is most simply a computer that is ‘geared’ to running video games.ComponentsThe Basic Components of an Xbox 360 are a CPU (Computer Processing Unit) with 3 3.2Ghz cores, 512MB of RAM running at 700Mhz, detachable hard-drive, 3 U.S.B ports, and 2 memory slot units. It also has the capability to support up to 4 wireless controllers.ModelsThree Configurations of the Xbox 360 were released to the public, each with their own set of accessories. They are the Pro, Arcade, and Elite Models.The Arcade is the basic unit and comes with 20 GB HD with 64 MB memory, console, wireless controller, AV cable, Xbox live silver membership included, and is compatible with all Xbox 360 games.The Pro unit comes with 60 GB hard-drive with 256 MB memory, console, wireless controller, standard/HD AV cable, network cable, headset, silver membership included, and is compatible with all Xbox 360 games as well as over 300 Xbox games.The Elite is the ultimate unit and comes with a myriad of ‘goodies’. It has a black case, black headset, black controller, 120GB hard-drive with 516MB of memory, network cable, Xbox live silver membership, standard AV cable, HDMI (high definition multi-media interface) and is compatible with all Xbox 360 games as well as over 300 Xbox games.Price
The prices for the different models vary considerably. The standard Arcade unit will set you back $200, the Pro $250, and the Elite, $300.CPULet’s look at the heart of any good computer, including the Xbox, the CPU. As mentioned above the CPU of the Xbox360 is a 3 core Xenon model. To compare the Xbox 360 CPU runs at 3.2Ghz while the computer I’m currently using runs at 1.6Ghz, with an over-clocking feature which brings it up to 2.0Ghz. The Xbox 360 CPU is the clear winner in this battle.
GraphicsGraphicsThe Graphics card is what many gamers care about and the Xbox certainly delivers, with a very healthy 500 Mhz Xenos cared. To put that in perspective, the computer I’m currently writing this article on has an Intel GMA 950 with a ‘theoretical’ 1600 maximum pixel fill rate (I assure you it’s theoretical), while the Xenos has a maximum pixel fill rate of 4 gigapixel per second. That is a very large difference.ConclusionWhile the Xbox360 does have its’ fair share of problems, if handled correctly and given some love, it is a great system to be able to own, and will sure to be one of the top favorite systems in the years to come.

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, or watching television, or looking at magazines, or listening to kids at all, there is a new craze sweeping the nation called Dance Dance Revolution. Basically it is a game where the player moves their feet in a particular pattern, tapping in time to the beat of a song by watching arrows on a computer and tapping the corresponding arrows on the Dance Dance Revolution dance mat.There are several different types of mats available, most are considered soft mats that usually consist of a few layers of cloth and the wiring is placed between padding. There are graphics that are printed at the top portion of the Dance Dance Revolution dance mat and a plug that gets plugged into the game itself. Most of the mats have four arrows, Up, Down, Right and Left and some also include a triangle, the 0 button and an X button for select. This would include the buttons that you would need to use to move through the game and menus without needing to use both the Dance Dance Revolution dance mat and an additional controller. You just hit the buttons that are on the pad and it will guide you through the menu. Of course, every company that makes a soft pad may make them slightly different so you would need to make sure you know what is where on each one.There is also what is called hard mats; they are made much like the regular arcade game version of Dance Dance Revolution. Normally they are made from wood, covered with some kind of sheet metal and then have these Plexiglas arrow buttons that will work just like the arcade version.Most people start out with the soft mats when they play the game at home and they are good for beginners; however, they do not last that long if you are into playing the game quite a bit. Also, some people have complained that the soft Dance Dance Revolution dance mat will slide around on the carpet; some will attach hard plastic to the bottom with a bit of sandpaper then glued to the bottom to help it grip the carpet better.The general consensus is that the soft mat is good for beginners or casual users of the game, however for the more serious player the hard arcade style Dance Dance Revolution dance mat is the best bet.

Ballybunion – Popular Irish Holiday Destination |

Ballybunion is a lively coastal village situated at the mouth of the river Shannon estuary in North County Kerry Ireland. It is a popular destination with national and international visitors alike and is well know for it’s world class golf courses, beaches and seaside amusement arcades.Castle Ruins Facing The Atlantic Ocean:
Baile-an-Bhuindeanaigh Castle ruins stand high on a cliff facing out into the Atlantic Sea. All that remains of the castle is a single wall, but it gives the visitor a good impression of what the castle might have been like when it was whole.Golden Beaches:
Ballybunion’s beaches are popular in the summer with families and the town’s amusements and arcades contribute to the seaside holiday town appeal. There are tall picturesque cliffs along the beaches that provide a home for many varieties of cliff nesting sea birds. Occasionally dolphins are seen frolicking in the sheltered part of the bay.Popular With Visitors:
The beaches are also a popular destination for surfers with the best waves being caught at the cliffs off the beach area. The town is particularly popular with families as it offers lots of fast food, pubs and amusement arcades making it a fun place to visit.Sport:
The region boasts two world class quality golf courses. Many sporting people rent houses or book into hotels in the area for weeks in the summer so they can enjoy the great Ballybunion golf courses in this natural clean environment of Kerry.There is also a modern Leisure Gym and Pool which gives the sporty visitor an alternative to the beaches and golf courses if the weather turns against them.